Self-Rescue Survival Swimming Lessons for Children 6 Months & Up!

With unparalleled training, our instructors are uniquely qualified to teach your child to swim and survive a water accident.

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Survival Swim Instructor with Baby

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Your child will learn to perform aquatic self-rescue survival swimming while fully clothed. Infant Aquatic Survival Specialists offer a warm, individualized approach with every child.

Survival Swim Instructor with Baby

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Join the Infant Aquatics network of over 130+ certified survival swim instructors from around the world and you can learn to teach a child to self-rescue in the event of a water accident.

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Our proven method will equip your child with the survival swimming skills required to safely enjoy the water.

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Beyond Survival

  • Small group classes
  • Enhance survival swimming skills
  • Promote confidence & independence
  • Teach correct stroke technique
Beyond Survival

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  • Private one-on-one instruction
  • Ages 6 months - 6 years
  • Safest, most effective swim lessons
  • Experienced, highly skilled instructors
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Looking for a fun and rewarding career?

Looking for a fun and rewarding career?

Become a Survival Swim Instructor!

“If I have one regret about getting trained in Infant Aquatics it is that I didn’t do it sooner. Infant Aquatic methods will have your students swimming and learning basic rescue skills much faster than other programs If you want to be the best, learn from the best.”

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Mary Jo Klier
Kansas City Swim Academy