Home of Infant Aquatics
Boulder County, Colorado

This summer brought 4 new instructors into the Infant Aquatics network. Mariana Oreamuno traveled from Costa Rica to Colorado in May. Her cousin Maria Jose trained with Judy Heumann in 2014 and needed help to accommodate the growing demand for lessons in her community. Mariana's enthusiasm and energy endeared her to all of her students.

Jenny Gentry hails from Steamboat Springs Colorado and is the mom of three and grandmother of four. She has spent most of her life happily caring for and working with children of all ages, including those with special needs. After attending her granddaughter's first Infant Aquatics lesson, she was convinced that she had to be a part of the amazing Infant Aquatics team. Jenny plans to teach in Steamboat in the summer months and Abilene, Texas the remainder of the year.

During our summer training, Judy was thrilled to have visits from certified instructors Kona Morren (Texas), Leslie Harrison (Kansas) and Michelle Alpern (Ohio). It was a great opportunity for sharing knowledge among professionals in the field of aquatic survival.

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