What’s New Spring 2018

In April, Linde Jelsma traveled from the Netherlands to Colorado to obtain her Infant Aquatics certification with Judy Heumann and Kyla Heumann. Linde, a competitive swimmer and an avid sailor, was a sports management professional and master of culture and change with 7 years of experience working for Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Institute (KNRM).

She is acutely aware of the dangers that water can hold and is excited to follow her passion for saving lives by teaching self rescue swimming to infants and young children as the owner of Blijven Drijven Linde’s husband Paul and 12 month old son Tijmen arrived during her training and Tijmen successfully completed the swim float swim course to equip him with the lifesaving skills needed to survive in the water.

We‘re sending a Texas welcome to Blythe Koch, Dallas’ newest Infant Aquatics instructor. Her school, Small Fry Swimmers, will be located in the Park Cities.

Blythe majored in psychology in college and worked in the finance industry prior to having children. Her kids all went through the Infant Aquatics program and were the catalyst for Blythe to train with Bev Steinfink, Certifying Instructor. She also had the opportunity to teach her own niece and nephew during her training. We are thrilled to have her as a part of our group.

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