Welcome Laura Moore from Tucson, AZ. A lifelong swimmer, she has been in constant pursuit of learning to become a better teacher and coach since 2002. She founded a nonprofit using swimming to reach veterans and people with addictions and disabilities. Her thirst for further knowledge led her to discover survival swimming. After extensive research she made the commitment to become an Infant Aquatics instructor. We are proud to have Laura on our team!

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Shannon Hackler is a mom of three from Mcalester, OK. When she started researching swim lessons for her children, she was shocked to discover that the closest instructor was 75 miles away. She drove 150 miles a day, four days a week for 6 weeks so that her children could learn lifesaving survival skills from an Infant Aquatics instructor. And she says “it was worth every mile”. After learning of the tragic drowning of a three year old in a local lake, she realized the critical need for making survival swim lessons more accessible to families in her community and made the decision to become an Infant Aquatics instructor.

Watch Shannon's video below or read her bio here.

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