Winter 2018

After years of researching self-rescue survival swim programs, Susan Willey traveled to Colorado to train with Infant Aquatics. Susan, an active boater, is the mom of 3 young children who will be teaching on the coast of Lake Michigan through Shoreline Infant Aquatics.

Lea Diaz is our third instructor in Oklahoma. She has raised 4 children and now has 3 grandchildren. Lea was amazed watching her grandchildren’s progress during lessons. After a close friend lost a child to drowning, Lea knew that she had found a new passion in life. She traveled to Colorado and spent over 200 hours of intensive hands on training with Judy and Kyla Heumann. Her school, Oklahoma Survival Swim, is located in Edmund.

Tracy Beamish is one of our newest Infant Aquatics swim instructors. However, Tracy has been teaching Swim, Float, Swim self-rescue lessons to thousands of students ranging in ages six months to six years since 2008! She comes to us from the Memphis TN area, but has recently relocated to Raleigh, North Carolina where she will begin teaching in the spring of 2018. We are honored that she chose to certify with Infant Aquatics.

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