September brought four more trainees to Swim Float Swim!

Wendy Harris (Arkansas), Chris Olson (Florida) and Jennifer Blank (Maryland) taught dozens of infants and toddlers under Judy Heumann and Erin Loewe’s (Richmond, VA) direction. Erin spent 6 weeks co-training Wendy, Chris and Jennifer in preparation for becoming a Certifying Instructor in Virginia next year.

Wendy Harris grew up as a competitive swimmer, lifeguard and head swim coach. A mom of three kids who completed lessons at the Infant Aquatics affiliate in Fayetteville, Little Squirts Aquatics, she was inspired by the realization that she too, could make a difference in the prevention of childhood drowning. Wendy writes “What makes this program exemplary is its integration of child development, child behavior, anatomy and physiology and sensory learning to ensure safe and effective lessons for children.” Wendy joined the staff of Little Squirts Aquatics when she completed her training in October.

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Chris Olson, an Air Force Veteran with an Intelligence Analyst background who completed eight deployments in the middle east, came to Infant Aquatics to assist his wife Melissa with her growing business, Baby Sharks Infant Aquatics in Florida. He completed an intensive 6 week training with Judy Heumann at Swim Float Swim! in October. Chris is looking forward to making a difference in drowning prevention in Gulf Breeze, Pensacola and surrounding areas.

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Jennifer Blank has been a caregiver and nanny for her niece and nephew for the past 4 years. She was acutely aware of the danger that water posed to little ones. Researching drowning prevention, she stumbled upon survival swim lessons. She was unable to find a qualified instructor in her area and set out to become an Infant Aquatics instructor. She is excited to be bringing Infant Aquatics to the Chesapeake Bay area of Maryland.

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Erin Loewe has been a survival swim instructor since 2007. After spending 5 weeks with Judy Heumann in 2020 and 6 weeks in 2021, we are confident that she will be providing the highest quality training experience utilizing the established standards of instructor certification for which Infant Aquatics is known.

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