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Donna Mallon comes to Infant Aquatics with over 25 years experience teaching children to swim. A mom of 5 children, she grew up in Southern California and owned a successful swim school in Colorado Springs, specializing in teaching children with special needs and on the autism spectrum. Donna is planning on relocating to a warmer climate in the near future and writes, "I'm excited and blessed to have learned the techniques which will allow me to provide a safer, more efficient foundation for a superior swim program."

Lauren Beder is the mother of a two year old daughter who spends much of her time learning about, participating in and instructing others on how to safely participate in healthy activities. She has instructed children in white water rafting, rock climbing and tennis and is excited to be adding survival swimming to this list. Â She is looking forward to combining her love of children, passion for safety-education, and belief in promoting an active lifestyle, by becoming an Infant Aquatics instructor and teaching for Infant Aquatics in Denver.

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This spring Nelson Gomes from Lisbon, Portugal, became our newest Infant Aquatics instructor. He is the father of a 17 month old toddler boy and a 4 year old girl. His academic background in sports science as a physical education teacher as well as a swimming and triathlon coach are a great fit for our program.

Nelson has a strong desire to make a positive difference in his community, and he really believes that this program will help him to reach that purpose. His long term goal is to increase and expand knowledge about the Infant Aquatics program internationally. We are proud to welcome him to our esteemed international network of instructors.

In April, instructors from Mexico and Louisiana got together for a mini- training session to hone their skills. Present were Ana Cardenas, Chelo Valenzuela, Gaby Garza, Claudia Montemayor, Wendy Harlen, and Bev Steinfink,RN, Lead Instructor from Dallas, Texas. Students got the best ever instruction for all these teachers and everyone learned something. Coincidentally, a news crew came with reporter and camera person, and both the Louisiana and Monterrey Mexico schools were to able to explain the mission of Infant Aquatics, in the U.S. and now internationally. Our biannual conference will be in November in Atlanta.

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