Kim O’Brine, mother of 5, completed her training with Kim Emery in March. Kim understands the importance of survival swim lessons better than most because she lost her two year-old daughter Kianna to a drowning accident. Determined to stop the epidemic of childhood drowning and make a difference in the lives of families in Ventura County, California, she sought out Infant Aquatics and made the decision to turn her loss into a new mission.

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Tami Kellar is passionate about water safety. She has been a competitive swimmer, aquatics director, swim coach and is currently the CEO at the Great Plains Family YMCA in Weatherford, Oklahoma. After two local children drowned in backyard pools, Tami sought out certification with Infant Aquatics and finished her training with Judy Heumann in March.

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Lisa Johnson is our first instructor in Pennsylvania. Lisa, a mom of 3, has been an occupational therapist since 2010. She was aware of survival swim lessons, but knew there were none offered in her area. After much research, she found Judy Heumann and quickly made the decision to travel to Colorado for training. Lisa writes, “With my background education in psychology and occupational therapy it was amazing to see those theories applied to teaching survival swimming.” Lisa will be bring Infant Aquatics to Monroe County, Pennsylvania.

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