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August 21, 2012, 1:30 am Mexico Texas Cancun Monterrey Summer 2012

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Howdy from Texas where everything is bigger and better than ever. Say hi to all our new instructors from north and south of the border. From Mexico, Alejandra and Paty Guzman Fierro, are teaching in Cancun and Puebla, Mexico. These sisters are a big asset to Infant Aquatics. Paty, an experienced physical therapist, decided that aquatics and children needed to be in her future. She traveled to Dallas, stayed 6 weeks for training, and has now added Infant Aquatics to her resume. Or go see Alejandra, (Ale) to teach your kids while on vacation in Cancun. If you're lucky, Ale, a former chef on a cruise ship, will give you the recipe to her famous tacos, as well as teach your children needed swim, float, swim techniques.

If you are near Monterrey , Mexico, drop in and say hola to Maria Valenzuela. She is a very experienced instructor and is doing a bang up job teaching with Ana Cardenas at ENAI. We are really lucky to have found Maria.

Traveling north, between Dallas and Fort Worth, you'll find Kona Morren , a life -long swimmer and strong proponent of infant aquatics and water safety. You can talk to Kona at where she will explain the whole program to those who live in the mid-cities. You can also visit her at

If you are near Waco, give Jen Price a ring; or a text. At Infant Aquatics of Waco, Jen brings warmth and patience to her lessons, and will be a great asset to our team. Let her teach your infant or toddler all the skills that her own children learned. A mother of three, Jen forego experience in the pharmaceutical industry to teach these valuable skills to infants and toddlers in her area. Visit her at

If you are in Austin, or the Marble Falls /Horseshoe Bay Area, contact Courtney Stanley. Courtney is a whiz and brings much exuberance to the lessons. Contact Courtney to find out her spring schedule as she will be adding another Stanley boy into the mix. If she's not changing a diaper, she'll be happy to tell you all about her program and what she brings to the area just west of Austin. She will be joining the website soon.

It's exciting that Infant Aquatics is growing, and we are proud that these instructors chose our program for their own.

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