Dallas Infant Aquatics

Texas Infant Aquatics is getter bigger and better every year. We would like to announce the introduction of Barbara Throne to the central and western Fort Worth area. Barbara found Infant Aquatics as a result of her two grandchildren taking swimming from Jennifer DeLa Cruz in Bedford. A sculptor, artist, and long time scuba diver and water enthusiast, Barbara decided that teaching swimming would benefit her community and give her a new career path which involves both her love for children, the water, and her care giving talents. Barbara had been an adult caregiver for a number of years. Barbara is a real go-getter and a wonderful asset to our IA community.

Meet Regina Rodriguez, San Antonio's new Infant Aquatics instructor. Regina is a mother of three and a former teacher with a degree in early childhood education. Regina discovered and trained with Infant Aquatics after witnessing several frightening pool incidents with her own child. These incidents made her acutely aware of water safety issues involving children. We are so fortunate to welcome Regina to our group of skilled, caring instructors.

Katy, Texas

The greater Houston area gets another instructor, Melissa Stoll. Melissa lives in Cypress, TX and became interested in Infant Aquatics after one of her two children took swimming lessons. she decided that Infant Aquatics was a great fit for her area; she and her "hubby" have long been in the pool business, but now he will build them and she will teach the lessons. Melissa is calm and deliberate and really has a way with children. She will be a wonderful asset to Cypress and the Infant Aquatics team.

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