A glimpse into our last retreat, where Infant Aquatics instructors gathered for a weekend of learning, food and FUN. Our retreats bring instructors from around the globe and across the US together to share ideas and learn from one another. Contact us to learn more about joining our team and starting the most rewarding career possible!

Infant Aquatics is growing at an unprecedented rate and we are proud to announce 11 (ELEVEN!) newly certified instructors from Oklahoma, California, Indiana, Connecticut, Arkansas, Florida, Maryland, Virginia and Texas.

Judy Heumann trained an impressive 7 new instructors between August and October.

Nicholle White trained with Bev Steinfink in Dallas this past August. We are excited to welcome her to our growing network of survival swimming instructors!

Certified self-rescue survival swim instructor Kim Emery welcomed two new instructors to the Infant Aquatics team in September and October.

Liza Albreada trained with Dena Blum-Rothman and will continue teaching Infant Aquatics survival swimming lessons in Continue.

We are so excited to see our network of self-rescue survival swimming instructors grow with each new year, and we can't wait to see what 2022 will bring!

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