What's New Spring 2022

July 18, 2022, 3:42 pm

Our certifying instructors have been busy this spring and we're excited to welcome 8 new instructors to our Infant Aquatics Network.

Melissa Smith Survival Swim Instructor
Melissa Smith comes to Infant Aquatics with a background in cheer and tumbling. Given her undergraduate focus in child psychology and her passion for coaching young kids, she felt that she could bring a unique perspective to survival swimming. She completed her training with Erin Loewe in March and is excited to work alongside her at Starfish Infant Aquatics.

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Sophie Wilson Survival Swim Instructor
Sophie Wilson is a proud tribal member of the Cherokee Nation. After watching her daughter complete the Infant Aquatics program at Ready, Set Float! she knew she had found her calling. Sophie traveled to Colorado and completed her training with Judy Heumann late this spring. She is teaching in Pryor, Oklahoma under the banner of Ready, Set Float!

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Mae Jeffery Survival Swimming Lessons
Mae Jeffery, from Goldsboro, North Carolina, has coached age group competitive swimming for 15 years. A mother of two young boys who have taken survival swim courses, she has seen the results that can be achieved. After much research, she decided to certify through Infant Aquatics and completed her training in Colorado with Judy Heumann late this spring. Her company is Aquatic Safety Institute with Infant Aquatics.

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Cassidee Heath Swim Instructor
Cassidee Heath is an experienced special education teacher whose three children have been students at Swim and Smile TX Infant Aquatics. She completed her training with Kim Emery in April and is looking forward to saving lives through Splash of Faith Infant Aquatics.

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Karl Nusshag Swim Lessons
Karl Nusshag completed his training with Judy Heumann at Swim Float Swim! in April. Karl has an extensive background in business operations with the USAF and a Masters Degree in Executive Leadership. His two daughters started lessons with Infant Aquatics as one year olds, and his wife Nicole trained with Judy in 2019. He is looking forward to joining Nicole as business partners and strengthening their Aqua Baby company.

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Julie Ferreri Survival Swimming
Julie Ferreri is a mom of two and a lifelong resident of New Jersey whose husband had a non-fatal drowning without injury when he was 3 years old. She could not find an instructor close to her and chose to become certified to serve the families of New Jersey. She completed her training with Dena Blum-Rothman at Infant Aquatics CT in May.

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Taylor Pohanka Instructor Training
Taylor Pohanka is bringing Otterly Safe Infant Aquatics to Fredericksburg, Virginia. Taylor has a background in pediatric occupational therapy and home health occupational therapy. She enrolled her daughter at Starfish Infant Aquatics and after only one week of lessons with Erin Loewe, Taylor decided to bring Infant Aquatics to her hometown.Taylor completed training in May with Erin and is looking forward to providing quality survival swim lessons to Fredericksburg.

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Pat Sullivan Swimming Lessons
Pat Sullivan sold his business and knew he wanted to do something meaningful with his retirement. After watching his granddaughter complete survival swim lessons, he decided that becoming an Infant Aquatics instructor was the right choice. Pat completed his training with Kim Emery at Swim and Smile TX in May. He is excited to offer Little Flippers Infant Aquatics + Swim.

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