We are excited to add 6 new instructors to our ever expanding network!

New Instructors in Mississippi, Illinois, and Texas

Jessica Brown is a mom of 3 from northwest Mississippi where most people have never heard of survival swimming lessons. Her passion for water safety began when her oldest was 18 months and she discovered Infant Aquatics. Since then, all 3 of her kids have been in Infant Aquatic lessons. The closest instructor was 40 minutes away. She encouraged Jessica to pursue training, and she completed her training with Kim Emery in June. She is thrilled to be able to bring her skills to her community.

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Lauren Rivera, mom of 3 traveled with her entire family from Rochester Illinois to train with Kim Emery in Texas in July. Her kids participated in lessons while she trained. Lauren is excited to bring her skills to families in her community. Lauren writes “The peace of mind I have knowing that my kids have survival swim skills when we are around water is priceless and I want other parents to have that same feeling.”

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Shannon Flannigan has been an x-ray tech for local pediatric hospital systems since 2005. Her journey to becoming a survival swim instructor for kids and babies started over 10 years ago when she worked in the emergency room and realized how many young children drown. After a close family friend tragically lost a child to drowning, she decided to MAKE time and reserved a training spot in 2019. The stars finally aligned and she completed her training with Bev Steinfink this year in July.

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Colorado in June for Trainees from Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Massachusetts

The action never stopped at Swim Float Swim! for six weeks in June and July when, Lauren Finnell, Mallory Hudgens and Lauren Campion trained with Judy Heumann.

Mallory Hudgens has a degree in Early Childhood Education and was teaching at a small public school in northeastern Oklahoma when she brought her infant daughter to lessons with Brandie Russell at Ready Set Float! Infant Aquatics. She was absolutely amazed watching her daughter’s progress. An opportunity to work with Brandie became available and she decided to take advantage of it.

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Lauren Finnell is a mom of three who graduated from the University of Memphis in 2005 with a degree in Elementary and Special Education. She spent a few years teaching and tutoring, helping children with learning disabilities. The birth of her third child, who wanted to do everything his older siblings did, motivated Lauren to research survival swimming lessons and make the decision to travel to Colorado to train with Judy.

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Lauren Campion grew up in Hawaii and now hails from the Boston area. With a pool at home, a newborn, and no active survival swim instructors in the area, she found herself pursuing her own Infant Aquatics school. She has worked in education for sixteen years and is a licensed public education administrator. She earned her BA in Psychology from Loyola Marymount University, MA in Urban Education Policy from Brown University, and is currently pursuing her doctorate of education from the University of Massachusetts.

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