Welcome our newest Certifying Instructor Margie Herman, Crème de la Swim Infant Aquatics. Margie has been an Infant Aquatics instructor for two decades and we are thrilled that she will be passing on her expertise to a new generation of instructors in Georgia and Florida. She completed her advanced training with Judy Heumann in February and trained Amanda Sanderson (Georgia) Super Swimmers Infant Aquatics in April.

11 New Instructors Trained!

With 6 (soon to be 7) training locations, Infant Aquatics is expanding at a record pace. We are excited to introduce the newest members of our team!

Naomi Ogden (Hawaii) Island Infant Aquatics, A. Rae Knight (Texas) The Rae Infant Aquatics, and Marybeth Smith (New Jersey) Patriot Infant Aquatics all trained with Judy Heumann in at Swim Float Swim in Colorado this winter.

Naomi’s video

Rae’s Video

Mary’s Video

Karina Joya (California) Sunshine Infant Aquatics, Stacy Gehm (Texas) Barefoot Infant Aquatics and Olga Hyland (Florida) Little Stars Infant Aquatics completed training with Judy this spring.

Karina’s video

Stacy’s Video

Olga’s Video

Kim Emery Swim & Smile TX Infant Aquatics has been busy training instructors! Alexis Schaefer (Texas) Firm Foundation Infant Aquatics, completed her training in April and Jeri Ybarra (Texas) Infant Aquatics of Lubbock finished up in May.

Jessica Stigall (Virginia) Makos and Minnows Infant Aquatics completed her training with Erin Loewe Starfish Infant Aquatics in May.

Lynsey Holland (Texas) Swim Kids of Waco Infant Aquatics trained with Bev Steinfink Dallas Infant Aquatics in May

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