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Infant Aquatics continues to grow both nationally and internationally. In February, Mary Jo Klier from Kansas City and Ada Yip from Hong Kong completed their 6 week training with Judy Heumann. Mary Jo is head coach of the Kansas City Swim Academy, which she founded in 1984. For the past 47 years, she has worked with swimmers of all abilities. Her goal is to eradicate drowning in her community through safety education and teaching life saving aquatic survival skills.

Ada Yip was born and raised in Hong Kong, and attended high school in Vancouver. In 1999, she received a BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania. Ada ran a huge manufacturing company in Hong Kong until the birth of her daughter in 2012. Ada writes: "The sudden change of lifestyle from a work-oriented businesswoman to a mother has given me a very different perspective. Every parent wants to give the best to their child, and I am no different. What more can you offer than to equip them with the skill of being safe in and around water? And what better program to teach these skills than Infant Aquatics?"

We are thrilled to welcome Mary Jo and Ada to the Infant Aquatics network and know that the children of Kansas City and Hong Kong will be safer in and around the water thanks to these two exceptional instructors.

Jessica Sanchez, MD returned to Colorado for a refresher week of training before traveling to Kansas City to assist Mary Jo in getting her program up and running. It is so rewarding to see the support our instructors receive from each other.

Kris Battista from Temecula, California is another new instructor who visited us this winter. Kris, a grandmother of five, has been teaching swimming for years, and wanted to be able to offer her clients a more comprehensive program. During her stay in Colorado, Kris invited Judy to escape the winter for a week in California, to help launch her first season as an Infant Aquatics instructor. Judy got to see first hand how skilled and confident Kris was. We're proud to welcome Kris to our group.

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