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Australia and California Instructor Training Certification at Swim•Float•Swim!

Kelly Fisher from Perth, Western Australia and Jessica Gonzales from Temecula, California arrived in Colorado on Saturday. They started their Infant Aquatics instructor training certification at Swim•Float•Swim!](/instructors/judy-heumann/) with Judy Heumann this week. Judy is the founder of Infant Aquatics and has been training survival swimming instructors for over 3 decades.

Although they have only just met, Jessica and Kelly are on their way to becoming close friends. They are not only training partners, but are sharing a house and car together. In the past three days, they have been introduced to the Infant Aquatic Survival method and are adjusting to the hectic pace of the training schedule.

Kelly, is the mother of an active 3 year old boy and 5 year old girl. Her Aunt Stacy Gower is an Infant Aquatics instructor in Perth. Kelly learned first hand the value of Infant Aquatics training by observing Stacy teach countless lessons. Kelly has been a real estate agent for the past 10 years but began considering job opportunities that would allow her flexible hours and more family time. She wanted a career that was as life changing as selling Real Estate and watching individuals and families become home owners. Kelly believes that a career as an Infant Aquatic Survival Instructor will be even more rewarding.

Jessica is a mom of two daughters, ages 3 months and 3 years. After years of working in accounting, she was looking for a career that could help her community. Having family who live on an Indian reservation, she was motivated to do her part in helping to educate families about water safety and teaching children to master the Swim•Float•Swim! method.

Bringing Infant Aquatics to an area where swimming lessons are not available or considered a priority will be a life changing experience for many on the reservation.

Jessica is the second instructor trained by Judy Heumann in Temecula. She will be assisting Kris Battista at Infant Aquatics Temecula and gaining additional experience while establishing her own clients on the reservation.

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