Instructor Testimonials

Hear From Our Instructors

"Infant Aquatics affords me independence, freedom and complete control of my own swim school with no recertification requirements and ongoing financial obligations, I have the freedom of staying current in the field of infant aquatic survival by attending conferences of my own choosing and learning from other reputable instructors, which consistently enriches my individual program.

"The Infant Aquatics website presents an enhanced level of professionalism to any swim program. It is creative, informative, as well as easy and fun to navigate. After potential clients visit the website, they never fail to express to me how very impressed they are with it. This dramatically simplifies my initial presentation to them. I love the visual impact of the website as it educates parents about infant and childhood drowning prevention through professionally taught swim lessons.

"I am certainly proud and pleased to be a member of Infant Aquatics. For anyone looking to build a rewarding career working with parents and children, I cannot imagine not taking advantage of this extraordinary opportunity.""

Alba McGowan

"I thank you for the honor and amazing experience of training with you. I have been involved in numerous educational programs, as student and as teacher. Now I am telling my friends how exciting and meaningful it is, for the first time, to train one-on-one with a Master Teacher--you!! Truly one of the best educational experiences of my life."

Carlene Schumacher

"The Infant Aquatics program is an intense 6 weeks filled with so much information and many challenges, but Judy is there every step of the way to guide you; giving you the knowledge and confidence you need to take everything you learned under her instruction and start your own program back at home. I am grateful for the opportunity to lean on my fellow Infant Aquatics instructors if I ever need help or have questions. Choosing this as my life long career was the best decision I ever made, it is the most challenging and rewarding thing I could have imagined."

Jessica Gonzales

"Becoming an Infant Aquatics instructor was the best decision I ever made. The training fee was a bargain and the rewards, both personally and financially have been substantial. I receive continuing advice and support, without any ongoing financial obligations or restrictions on the way I choose to conduct my business.

"The Infant Aquatics training instructors were accessible, encouraging, and responsive to my needs as a new instructor. They provided me with the in water skills and the marketing savvy to turn my summer business in a backyard pool into a year-round swim school with an indoor facility in less than 4 years. I urge anyone interested in this life-saving profession to consider the quality of instruction and no-strings alliance offered by Infant Aquatics."

Margie Herman

"I chose to train with Infant Aquatics because I found the company and its members to be very supportive, friendly and genuine. I appreciated the fact that Infant Aquatics adjusted to my schedule and was able to provide a high number of various aged children for my training purposes. The training was a highly educational experience and the continuous support is very valuable."

Monika Wroblewska

"I'm thankful that I found Infant Aquatics and was able to go through their instructor training. The experience was incredible, consisting of 200+ hours of hands-on training with over 20 children daily in private lessons, and double the number in group classes. The training left me confident to start teaching my own students immediately, and each day in the water leaves me with a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

"Personally, I like the independence of being able to run my own school but also know that help is always just a phone call away. Whenever I run into a challenge that I'm not able to solve by myself I can count on my trainer to give me timely, competent advice, which has never failed me. I have been a professional since I was 18 years old and always liked what I was doing, but being an Infant Aquatics instructor gives me more fulfillment in a career than I have ever experienced before."