Why Train With Us?

Instructor Education For The Independent Entrepeneuer

Why Train Survival Swimming With Us?

  • Hands on training with a minimum of 18 unskilled babies and children under the age of 36 months within a 6 week period
  • Individualized training -- training is designed to promote the highest quality, uncompromised learning experience, within a six-week time frame
  • No governing body imposing continual fees on you or your students
  • No restrictive contract containing annual recertification fees
  • One time training fee with no fees for updates or in-water retraining
  • Continuing education on safety issues and instructional techniques
  • Established safety record with multiple R.N.'s and M.D. on staff
  • Video conferencing for updates, ongoing training via web cams and videos with prompt feedback from experienced instructors at no cost to you
  • Year-round professional career opportunity

Discover The Difference

  • The Infant Aquatics brand represents the highest standard of aquatic survival swim certification for individuals with a passion for drowning prevention
  • Open and easily accessible communication among all instructors at poolside conferences designed to trouble-shoot in-water lessons
  • Freedom to independently own and operate your business in any manner you choose with readily available, affordable insurance
  • Marketing templates and business strategies to operate a comprehensive swim school with a trained staff allowing for unlimited earning potential
  • Membership in the infantaquatics.com website with highly visible personal page which promotes your business and links to other websites
  • Membership in the Infant Aquatic Survival℠ Specialists closed Facebook Group for ongoing instructor support
  • Babies who are walking learn the swim-float-swim sequence during initial lessons, not just the survival back-float

Survival Swimming Instructor Training