Beyond Survival Swimming

What's Next?

Once your infant, toddler or child has completed our aquatic survival swimming program, we encourage you to continue with age-appropriate group classes. Each class is designed to enhance previously learned skills, bring your child to the next swimming level, and achieve our goal of safe, happy, technically sound swimmers.

*Not all programs are available at all locations. Please check with your local instructor to see what programs are offered.

Who's Ready for Aquababies?

Babies 7-23 months who have completed private lessons and have acquired basic survival skills.

Why Aquababies?

  • Baby swimmers need to practice the skills they have learned for maximum retention.
  • Toddlers experience the fun of water exploration within a relaxed group setting.
  • Once a week, parents and toddlers interact with each other while they swim, float, sing and play together in the water.

This class reinforces our philosophy of safety skills first, followed by water enjoyment and ultimately proficient swimming.

Who's Ready for FunDay?

Children 2 to 4 years who have completed private lessons and have mastered the ability to swim-float-swim.

Why FunDay?

  • Children need to practice their skills to maintain confidence and improve retention.
  • Aquatic professionals agree upon the importance of play in the learn-to-swim process and the negative effects of time spent out of the water.
  • FunDays are an aquatic adventure that will change your child from a survival swimmer into a recreational swimmer, and perhaps even a swim team participant.
  • The structure and curriculum vary according to instructor, but include an exciting array of water toys, animal floats and games. Whatever the age or activity, your child will have such a good time that he probably won't want to get out of the pool at the end of the class!

The Right Foundation

The Swim • Float • Swim sequence serves as the foundation for learning correct stroke technique. Children who can swim and float are able to transition into stroke development with ease.

A Natural Progression

Our stroke school builds on the skills and comfort previously acquired in private lessons, Aquababies, FunDays and Strokes n'Floats.

Children who complete private survival lessons (4 to 8 years) can learn to:

  • streamline on tummy and back
  • perform a correct flutter kick on tummy and back
  • achieve a rolling backstroke, rotating hips and shoulders
  • coordinate arms legs, body and head in a correct freestyle
  • perform bi-lateral breathing during freestyle

Core Swimming

As children become proficient in the freestyle and backstroke, we begin introducing the elements of butterfly and breaststroke. Using the techniques of core swimming, our students truly learn to "swim like fish".