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I grew up frequenting the fresh water lakes of Michigan and in my 20's moved to Texas where the majority of homes have a backyard pool. This did not seem significant until we had our first child. While doing all of the "new parent" research I found videos of babies swimming and turning to float and thought 'that is the most amazing thing and I want my kids to do that!'

After a lot of research, I found Infant Aquatics and enrolled my son. The lessons and the instructor filled my heart with so much love and gratitude for self rescue swim. It wasn't until I started following various child-related drowning foundations on social media that I realized drowning is the leading cause of death in children under the age of 4 and there are not enough instructors to teach all of the children the skills needed to survive or avoid an incident. I truly believe that self rescue swim is for every child, so I decided to pursue my own Infant Aquatics school and traveled to Colorado to train for 6 weeks with Infant Aquatics founder, Judy Heumann. I spent more than 120 hours in the water teaching infants and toddlers skills to self rescue using the Infant Aquatics swim-float-swim method so I can share my love and respect for the water.

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Magnolia, Texas
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