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Ada Yip is the first Infant Aquatics Survival Instructor in Hong Kong and Greater China. She founded Infant Aquatics Hong Kong to bring an important and life saving skills to family with children in Hong Kong. An avid swimmer and a mother, who understand that infant water survival and proper swimming skills are necessary lifeskills.

"Little ones must to learn how to help themselves in water first, before proper swimming strokes." said Ada Yip. "Developing water confidence, and water management skills are very important and potentially can save the children's lives. Many parents want their child swimming strokes classes too soon."

After graduating from University of Pennsylvania, Ada moved to Hong Kong to work in her family business. When she was pregnant with her daughter, she wanted to enroll her baby in such survival swim class after she was born but none was available in Hong Kong at the time. Ada decided to go to Infant Aquatics USA and get certified so she can teach it to her own daughter. After completion of her course, she realized that this is such a very meaningful program and want to benefit other children here in Hong Kong.

"Seeing these kids at the end of the program, where they are confident around water, able to swim.float.swim, and remembering how they won't even want to put their face in the water on the first day, is the best job satisfaction I have ever felt." said Ada.

To learn more about Infant Aquatics Hong Kong, its Infant Water Survival and Swim.Float.Swim program, please email us at info@swimfloatswim.hk or call us at +852 9460 2006

Ada Yip is a certified Infant Aquatics Instructor.

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