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As a nanny for many years I was fortunate to be able to observe several children of different ages attend survival-focused swimming lessons.

Watching children I deeply cared for go through the process of learning not only how to swim, but survive in the water, made a huge impression on me. I knew that once I had kids, I had to give them access to such a course as well. It was clear to me how valuable it would prove to be for their safety and confidence in and around water.

Fast-forward a few years our firstborn daughter completed her first skill set training at 7 months old. This prompted me to develop an even deeper desire to be involved in this amazing mission in any way possible and shortly after I became Infant Aquatic certified myself.

Several years of nannying, in combination with studying the behavioral sciences and teaching family oriented dog training, gave me a solid understanding on how to relate to children. Becoming a mom sealed the deal, and so the decision to become an instructor myself came naturally.

After having been a rescue swimmer in high school, I appreciate the accident prevention approach to water safety and swimming over the simply recreational one!

Give your child the gift of swimming and yourself the peace of mind knowing that you have added a significant layer of protection to your child’s safety!

In just 3-6 WEEKS, let me teach your child to:

  • Roll-over & float (6-12 months)
  • Perform the swim-float-swim sequence (12 months and up)
  • Get started on stroke development (3.5 years and up)

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