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My name is Amanda McGhin Sanderson. Living in the South, I grew up around water, but my love of sports remained mainly on dry land where I played basketball, softball and tennis. I went to Florida State University on scholarship as a student athletic trainer with the football program. Afterward, I went on to get my MBA from Valdosta State University. Over the past 25 years, I have served as purchasing manager of our family business, Learning Tree Educational Resources, Inc., where we provided teachers, parents, and churches with educational supplies, materials and equipment in South GA and North FL.

I was first introduced to the swim-float-swim method over 15 years ago when I signed up my daughter, who was 2 at the time, with Infant Aquatics instructor, Margie Herman. I was so impressed with the results and skills she learned, I soon signed up my 7 month old son. Both kids continued to take lessons over the next several years with maintenance and then eventually stroke lessons. These lessons provided not only lifesaving swimming skills to my children, but also boosted their confidence and decision making skills.

As my career in our family business was starting to wind down, I had to start thinking about what I might want to do next. Well, my daughter had grown up and was now in high school on the swim team. As I watched her compete and do so well, it brought back memories and took me to where it all started... Ms. Margie and Infant Aquatics.

I had seen first hand what the IA program can do for children and their families. Why wouldn't I want to share this with as many families as possible? So I reached out to Judy at Infant Aquatics and was excited to hear our very own Ms. Margie was now an Infant Aquatics training instructor. I was fortunate enough to be able to work hands-on with over 20 students under her direction and supervisor for an intensive 6-week training. Her training taught me anatomy and physiology, safety guidelines and child development for children 6 months to 6 years, as well as insight to using different behavioral techniques in the water.

I am “super” excited to become a part of the Infant Aquatics family with the addition of Super Swimmers Infant Aquatics in Valdosta, GA. I look forward to providing infants and small children in our community with the skills to be safe around the water, and hopefully build a lifelong love of the water and swimming.

Super Swimmers Infant Aquatics

Valdosta, Georgia
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