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My name is Amorina Spence and I live in California on the Monterey Peninsula. I grew up in the bay area and always enjoyed swimming and helping my mom in her daycare. That made becoming a swim instructor and lifeguard as a teen an easy choice. Seeking more adventure and time in the ocean, I moved to Hawaii and became a nanny while attending college. Wanting to be closer to family, I moved back to California and started my own family.

At 19 months old, my son was fearless, fast, and curious and had no fear of the water, which really scared me. Even though survival swimming lessons were an hour away, I took him to another program where he learned to float. Floating was important, but I knew at his age he could do more. I also knew that the other parents in our play groups would be giving their children the gift of water safety if it was offered somewhere closer and that I could be the person to offer it. My son and I went to Infant Aquatics in Colorado for six weeks of training. He can now swim float swim and I am now able to offer classes to children in our community and help prevent drownings.

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