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My name is Amy Borden. I am the owner of Infant Aquatics Corpus Christi. Living in Corpus Christi, our kids are constantly around pools, canals, lakes, rivers, and the beach, which makes water safety of the utmost importance for families. Children must learn water survival skills to keep them safer and allow families to enjoy water activities during our hot summer months!

I grew up in Corpus Christi and love to be in and around the water! I graduated from Texas A&M in 2004 with a degree in Speech Communications. I am married to my wonderful husband, who is a campus pastor at Church Unlimited Rodd Field. We have two children, a 2 yr old boy and newborn baby girl.

I enrolled my son in lessons when he was 15 months old since we live on a canal. Although we have put several safety measures in place to keep him safe in our backyard, I knew he needed water survival skills if he were to ever accidentally fall in. To my amazement, he was able to learn to roll over in the water and float in just a few short weeks. This is a skill every child needs, especially those that are too young to swim for long periods of time.

I decided to go to training at Texas Swim Academy in Katy, TX and learn how to teach this life saving skill. I completed an intensive six week Infant Aquatic Survival training course with lead instructor, Kathleen McMordie, which included over 100 hours in-water training and learning the physiology, psychology, and development of the child between the ages of 6 months to six years as they apply to swimming and water survival. I have completed the Swimming With Autism Instructor workshop to better understand and work with children with Autism. I am also certified in adult, child and infant CPR and First Aid.

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