About Ashley

Howdy Y’all! My name is Ashley and I am a born and raised Texan. I have lived in many parts of Texas but never out of it. I live in Midland, Texas with my husband Brian and our three children, Luke, London and Chevie. We also have chickens, cats, a snake, a bunny, three dogs and my favorite a Giant South African Leopard Tortoise. Mango the tortoise is only 2 so he is not giant….yet!

I love sports. Texas Rangers baseball is my favorite team and baseball is my favorite sport. I enjoy traveling and outdoor adventures with my family. My kiddos are very active in a variety of sports that keep us on the go.

After high school I worked as a Park Ranger for the USACE. Part of my duties were to patrol the park and enforce safety. I would often see children and adults swimming in the lake and enjoying water activities. This is when water safety really sunk in for me. Camping and hanging out near bodies of water is really fun, however we all know how quick toddlers can be. I wish in my time as a Park Ranger I would have known about survival swim lessons and could have offered lessons then. This experience has always had me inspired to see what differences I can make in drowning prevention. One of the leading causes in child fatalities is drowning.

I have now attended an intensive, hands on training in Longmont. My training was six weeks long with over 100 in water hands on hours. Additionally, I spent another 80+ hours observing and watching other instructors. During my training I taught infants to float and older children the Swim-Float-Swim method.

I am very excited to join the Infant Aquatics team and add to their mission. This method equips children with the gift of survival and plants a great foundation of confidence for a lifelong love of swimming and being around water.

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1409 S CR 1130
Midland, Texas

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