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My name is Barbara Throne and I am a Infant Aquatics Training Instructor in Granbury, TX. I'm a Fort Worth native and a lifelong swimmer, scuba diver &, kayaker. I have always been around and loved the water. My grandchildren were in the Infant Aquatic Survival course when my nephew's son had a near drowning experience. I could see how well my kids did with the (swim float swim) I wanted to be part of helping children enjoy and be safe in the water.

I completed a very rigorous training program in Dallas, Texas, with Instructor Beverly Steinfink, R.N ;as my supervisor, over 100 hours in-water training and learning the physiology, psychology, and development of the child between the ages of 6 months to six years as they apply to swimming and water survival. I am infant, child and adult CPR, AED and first aid certified.

The leading cause of childhood non-auto accidental death in Texas is drowning. I feel it is very important to give your child the ability to survive on their own in the water and build a positive foundation for lifelong water enjoyment. It is so exciting to witness the aquatic learning process! Babies and young children are transformed from being totally helpless in the water into confident, capable swimmers in weeks. The added benefit of increasing self- esteem and independence in children while bringing relief and confidence to parents.

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Monday -Thursday
8am-5pm in 10 min. Increments

Infant (6-24 months)
$100 a week, $80 Registration

Toddlers (24-32 months)
$100 a week, $80 Registration

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