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Linde van Ettinger-Jelsma is the owner of ‘Blijven Drijven’ and runs Infant Aquatics in the area of Haarlem, The Netherlands. She’s thrilled to offer your child one-one private survival lessons and feels the need for such lifesaving skills is a must for every family around water!

Your child will learn to swim in weeks, not years, and develop a lifelong love of Swimming!

Growing up around the water, Linde swam competitively until she was a teenager. Linde is an avid sailor, as well as a sports management professional and master of culture and change with 7 years of experience working for Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Institute (KNRM) and is acutely aware of the dangers that water can hold. She is excited to follow her passion for saving lives by teaching self rescue swimming to infants and young children.  

Living in a country surrounded by water, it’s not a question of where and how but when your child will fall in the water unexpectedly.

Linde decided to change her career to become an Infant Aquatics instructor and teach little ones how to Swim.Float.Swim after she seeing a video showing a 15 month old boy able to Swim.Float.Swim within only 6 weeks of private training. Since Linde and her husband Paul are proud parents, they knew that their son (Tijmen) wasn’t aware of the danger posed by water. They wanted Tijmen to join these private one-one survival lessons as soon as possible.

Early in 2018, Linde traveled from The Netherlands to the USA to complete her Infant Aquatics certification. She had the priviledge of training with the best, Judy Heumann (founder of Infant Aquatics) and Kyla Heumann RN (Certifying Instructor) at Swim Float Swim, their state-of-the-art facility in Longmont, Colorado. With their educational background and years of experience dealing with the physics of swimming, they have developed and conduct the safest and most comprehensive baby / infant swimming lessons possible. The course is extremely comprehensive with over 240 hours of in water hands on learning, as well as the integration of child psychology, child behavior, anatomy & physiology, sensory integration, and safety guidelines within lessons. During Linde’s instructor training session, Tijmen successfully completed the Swim.Float.Swim course and now owns the lifesaving skills needed to survive in the water.

Our goal for your child is to be safe in the water by offering a warm, individualized approach.

As a highly-trained instructor, Linde’s background offers a wide variety of teaching techniques. This allowes her to fullfill her ultimate goal of providing each child with a positive water experience while teaching the nesessary principles to be safe in and around water.

Please join BlijvenDrijven.com and find out what lifesaving skills your child can learn in only 6 weeks! More information? Linde is happy to answer all your questions. 
Please contact Linde: Whatsapp or Call +31 (0)6 53304885

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