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Hi my name is Brandi Beck-Scott. I have loved being in and around water from an early age. Learning to swim at the age of three, I spent a lot of time in the summers at the pool or going to the lake. I want every child to have the same respect for the water that I have and to understand both the joys and dangers that come with time in the water. The water brings many fun activities and adventures, but you have to know how to work with the water when put in various situations. I have passed on my own love for the water to my own child.

In 2021 I became the proud mom of a little boy and saw his natural love for the water. I wanted to make sure he was prepared and knew how to respond to a potentially dangerous situation. When he turned 7 months old I put him in swim lessons with Jump Infant Aquatics under Ms. Tami. After seeing how much he learned in just a few short weeks, my decision was validated. I saw the need for an Infant Aquatics instructor in Woodward and took the steps to become certified. I traveled to Colorado and spent 6 weeks of intense hands-on training with Judy Heumann, the owner and founder of Infant Aquatics. Judy's training and techniques are very advanced and she teaches us to see the different ways children learn and how to adapt to each individual child. Because every child is different, we must adapt and adjust each lesson to the individual child. The training was not only hours of hands-on training, but we also studied psychology, physiology, and child development.

My goal is not only to teach your children the skills to rescue themselves if ever in a dangerous situation, but also to be more confident and to know how to respect the water and enjoy all the fun activities water can bring. My husband had a near drowning experience as a child and absolutely hates the water now. I don’t want any child to have that fear of the water.

I am certified in First Aid, CPR, and scuba diving. I also coach middle school basketball and enjoy attending sporting events for my kids, family members or just local games. I currently reside in Woodward, OK, with my husband Eric Scott, the proud mother of Brantley, and “Bonus Mom” to Arianna and Ezra.

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