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Many parents mistakenly put their trust in flotation devices. These floatation devices actually pattern your child to be upright in the water which is the opposite of a proper way to swim or survive. Also it gives a parent more confidence, but what happens when you look away or your child doesn't have their puddle jumper on. Your children deserve all the protection you can give. The BASS Aquatics program will give them the ability to survive on their own in the water and build a positive foundation for lifelong water enjoyment.

Lessons are based on a personalized and unique philosophy. Some programs teach children to "swim" only for as long as they can hold their breath. To hold your breath is great, but knowing how to get a breath is essential!

All trainers of the INFANT AQUATICS program have the teaching style and experience that enables us to determine the most effective way to teach your child to swim. The technique is based on what is called the "Swim-Float-Swim Sequence" – a common- sense approach that is confidence building as well as a skill building experience. Part of the process is teaching the child to be self-reliant in an aquatic environment. To teach these skills the proper way, according to each child's ability and learning style, takes an instructor with plenty of knowledge, skill and proficiency, not to mention a love for children and the water!

My focus is on the development of your child's skills in a controlled setting so that if (s)he chooses to swim on a team or to just swim for fun, s(he) has all the tools needed to be safe and successful in any aquatic environment. With BASS aquatics infants and toddlers learn an important technical foundation for all of their swimming experiences. They learn to swim face down in the water, rotate over onto their backs to rest and breathe, then roll back over to a facedown position and continue this sequence until the ultimate goal is reached – safety.

Our students of all ages learn lifesaving skills in every lesson, and are practiced over and over until they become automatic. This could save your child's life.

It is an investment both from a time perspective and a financial commitment . You will see the pay-off quickly and it will last throughout your child's life. A program that focuses on SAFETY-FIRST is life-changing. Be confident your baby will have a strong foundation for a lifetime of swimming knowledge and skills.

Satisfy your children's natural curiosity for water. Embark them on a journey where they'll learn how to interact with water for the most safety AND fun – it's an adventure! The earlier a child is introduced about the thrill of the water, the better! It takes 6 weeks or less to successfully graduate from the SWIMFLOATSWIM survival swimming program.

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