About Cathryn

I was trained to teach Swim-Float-Swim and Survival Floating to infants 6-years and younger in 2007. I started my company SoCal Water Babies. I worked teaching solely the ISR syllabus for my first 8 years. After my experience with ISR and Infant Swimming Resource, I wanted to develop a training program for babies and toddlers that would cater more closely to the needs of Californians, their schedules and their babies, without the administration of a company 2000 miles away. I left ISR and began teaching solely as a SoCal Water Babies instructor 2015.

My swim school in California has exploded since then and we have more students than we can service so in January 2022, I brought Cassandra DiYorio, now a certified Infant Aquatics Instructor, to Colorado with me to begin the process of learning how to expand my swim school and bring home a newly certified instructor to help my school with its capacity issues.

Coming onboard with Infant Aquatics, I bring the experience of personally teaching 50,000 lessons to over 3000 students 5 and younger. Infant Aquatics was a natural choice for us because of their stellar reputation. We have worked hard for the same reputation at SoCal Water Babies and we intend on preserving it. My track record speaks for itself: all of my past students have been able to complete the rollback to float sequence and none of my past students have experienced an in-water incident that resulted in injury or drowning. Can any other program say that?

Pool Location

9168 Santa Barbara Dr.
Riverside, CA 92508

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