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As a parent, a home-based childminder of 20 years, and a swim professional of 15 years, my heart sinks when faced with sobering statistics. In the past 10 years, there have been 30 drownings from infants to age 14 years in Ireland. This is 30 too many. Profoundly affected by one child drowning in particular, I longed for a way Ireland could protect our most vulnerable group of children, moving beyond traditional swim lessons toward a model by which parents gain confidence in their children’s ability to survive in the water and children experience the joy of swimming.

To my relief, I discovered Infant Aquatics. I traveled to Longmont, Colorado, USA and completed the rigorous training with Judy Heumann which now allows me to be the first to bring just that confidence and those skills home to Ireland.

Due to my long and varied experience with children of all abilities, I am familiar with their whims and fears and am able to support them and their parents as they work through the challenges of learning an important skill. As an experienced business owner, I am here for the long haul, ready to grow up a generation of confident—and safe—young swimmers.

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Teaching in Tipperary, Ireland
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