About Cathy

Cathy is a certified Infant Aquatics Survival Specialist who is excited to join her son in-law, Brendan Varrie at B Swim Safe swim school in Bryanston, Johannesburg. Cathy received her training from Infant Aquatics founder Judy Heumann at Swim Float Swim! in Longmont, Colorado, USA.

As the second instructor from B Swim Safe swim school to be trained in the Infant Aquatics program, Cathy is looking forward to contributing to the professional, credible and results oriented approach of teaching young children the very important life-saving aquatic survival skills.

Cathy, a mom of two and grandmother to 4, has over 30 years' experience working in the corporate world as an HR Professional and Manager.

Her swimming teaching career started in 2005, when she had a break from the corporate world to join Brendan in his Swim School. She was trained through the Professional Baby Swimming Teachers Association in South Africa and, after completion of her training, she introduced Baby Swimming (with parents in the water) at B Swim Safe swim school.

Over a 3 year period, approximately 100 children between the ages of 6 months and 3 years had participated in the 'fun in the water' program. Ten years later she once again had the opportunity to leave the hectic pace of the corporate world to re-join her son in-law, but this time as a certified Infant Aquatic Survival Specialist.

Together, Cathy and Brendan are continuing to grow B Swim Safe swim school with their vision of offering parents a professional and faster solution to teaching infants and children the valuable and critical aquatic survival skills.

To learn more about the B Swim Safe program please contact us at info@bswimschool.co.za or +27 83 6960092.