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My name is Danielle Ruais (Roo-ay) and I am the owner of Coastal Infant Aquatics, LLC, and a certified Infant Aquatics Instructor. Swimming has been a huge part of my life. I have always loved the water, lifeguarding for 7 years and teaching swimming lessons to children under 6 years old.

I have a Bachelors of Science Degree in Recreation Management and Therapeutic Recreation from the University of New Hampshire. I have spent a large part of my life caring for and working with children.

After having my daughter Anna, I decided to stay home with her. When Anna was 15 months old my husband and I decided she needed to learn to swim and float. When Anna was 13 months our family went to the beach for vacation. Anna was persistent in trying to run right out into the waves. We’d take her to the pool and she’d want to jump in. She truly had no fear or respect for water. It scared me. A friend told me about Infant Aquatics and I enrolled Anna immediately. After seeing how well Anna could swim and float at only 15 months I decided I wanted to become an instructor. I’ve always loved children and teaching swimming. I was thrilled when I found a career that could incorporate both. So, two months after I had my son I began my training to become a Certified Infant Aquatics Instructor. When my son, Noah was four months old, I started my Infant Aquatic Survival Swim business in McKinney, Texas in 2009. In 2012 my family relocated California to support my husbands career. Currently, Coastal Infant Aquatics, LLC is offering lessons in San Marcos, CA. Please contact me for location address.

About Coastal Infant Aquatics, LLC

Coastal Infant Aquatics, LLC is dedicated to teaching proper swimming technique and the important survival skills that could one day save your child’s life. Learning to swim has already saved Anna once. We were at a playdate at a friend’s house and most of the 2 year olds were in life jackets. Anna was not. One of her friends saw her swimming and tried to grab her. He proceeded to push her under. She broke lose of his grip and flipped onto her back, floated and then swam to the tanning ledge. I was within an arms length away and all this happened within seconds.

Needless to say, if you spend time near water or own a pool please consider this program. Not only will any of the Infant Aquatics Instructors teach your child how to rescue themselves in the water, but we’ll also teach them lifelong swimming skills that grow along side your child.

Can your child swim independently without floatation or your assistance? Can she float? Does he know how to get to his back in order to float? What would happen if your child fell in the pool or off a dock?

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