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A Midwest Girl through and through, I was born in Indianapolis, have lived in Chicago and Cleveland, and currently reside in Columbus, Ohio. I hold a bachelor's degree in health science and an MBA specializing in healthcare administration. Additionally, I am certified to administer First Aid and CPR AED for infants, children, and adults, and have completed lifeguard training and water safety training through the American Red Cross.

I first learned of Infant Aquatics while pregnant with my first child, and reading every tidbit about infant safety I could find. I was blown away by the videos of such young babies floating on their own, enjoying the water! I knew self rescue survival swimming lessons would not only give me immeasurable peace of mind, but would be a lifelong gift for my child.

After 18 years in skilled healthcare, and working through a global pandemic, I decided it was time for a career change. I was enthralled watching my son go through the program and learn critical life saving skills in such a short time. I knew immediately that becoming an Infant Aquatics Instructor was the right path for me.

It was a huge sacrifice to leave my family (and then two year old son!) for six weeks to complete training, but it was well worth the effort. After 100 hours of formal, in-water training, and another 75 hours of observing and assisting instructors, I am proud to call myself an Infant Aquatic Survival Specialist. I love teaching these life saving skills to infants and young children, and watching parents beam with pride as their little ones progress through the program.

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Dublin and Cleveland, Ohio and Indianapolis, Indiana
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