About Donna

My name is Donna Mallon, I have been teaching swim lessons for over 30 years in Colorado, Texas, California and Florida. I enjoy teaching all four strokes with high detail and efficiency, and I specialize in teaching children and adults with special needs, hearing impaired, autism and down syndrome. As a mom of 5 children who all enjoy lake kayaking, paddle boarding, jet skiing and swimming, I am honored to now be part of the Infant Aquatics team!

I grew up in Southern California surrounded by water and enjoying many water sports, and swam competitively through Jr. College. For many years, my passion and desire has been to train with Judy Heumann in Longmont, Colorado, but personal and professional obligations stood in the way. Now I’m excited and blessed to have learned the skills and techniques which will allow me to provide a safer, more efficient foundation for a superior swim program. I want to thank Judy for an amazing and valuable training program that is saving lives and encouraging the love of the water.

My goals are to instill my love and passion for the water in your children, to enable them not only to survive and be safe in and around water, but to have the confidence they need to enjoy the water for a lifetime. Looking forward to meeting you and working with your children to bestow this lifesaving gift of swimming. It is amazing and life changing!

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Southwest Cape Coral, Florida
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