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My name is Erin Loewe, and although I have a background in journalism, I love teaching young children how to swim. I actually grew up watching my mother teach as a survival swim instructor in our pool in Orlando, but I never thought I would have the opportunity to do it myself until my son went through the program at 2. After watching other children's lessons and asking many questions, I knew that I wanted to become an instructor to help other children become safer in and around the water.

I originally certified with Infant Swimming Resource in Florida in 2007, and since then, I have taught hundreds of children how to swim-float-swim and become aquatic problem solvers in Tallahassee, Nashville, and now Richmond, VA. I was introduced to Infant Aquatics after moving to the Richmond area, and I decided to observe some lessons. I then realized how much more there was to learn and how I could become an even better instructor to my little swimmers!

In September 2020, I decided to build upon my skill set and traveled to Colorado for four weeks of intensive training with Judy Heumann, founder of Infant Aquatics. I am blown away by how effective the Infant Aquatics method is and how it augments what I already know. I'm so excited about providing expanded survival swim offerings to serve even more families in the near future.

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Richmond, Virginia
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