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My name is Jakub Koczorowski, I come from Poland and am the owner of the Swim & Fun swimming school in Wroclaw. I have been involved with the water world from an early age. Going back to my childhood, I always loved spending all day in the water. My entire private and professional life is related to sports. From an early age, I played football for 12 years until I attended university where I started studying at the Academy of Physical Education with the profile of swimming coach. At that time, my adventure with swimming began, but at the same time I also trained kick-boxing and sports climbing. Already during my studies, I began to create a professional path, first as a lifeguard, then as a swimming instructor and trainer.

In 2015, I decided to open my own swimming school, gaining the trust of thousands of Wrocław students. Currently, I run ultra marathons and I am the father of two wonderful children, Leon and Liwi.

And so we come to present events. After nine years of gaining experience in Europe and completing all possible training in Poland and nearby countries, I still felt unsatisfied in terms of developmental opportunities and motor optimization for infants and younger toddlers.So I started researching methods of teaching younger children water survival skills and discovered Judy Heumann and Infant Aquatics.

I traveled from Poland to the US to train in Longmont, Colorado with Judy, where I learned more than I could have imagined regarding the life-saving aquatic skills that infants and toddlers are capable of mastering. After the amazing training, I plan to open a new department in my school in Poland, where I will train students in self-rescue for infants and small children.

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