About Jayne

I am Jayne Ackerman, Infant Aquatic Survival Specialist and founder of Infant Aquatics 614, LLC in Columbus, OH. I hold a Bachelor's degree in biology and I am also a certified pool operator, lifeguard, lifeguarding instructor, and water safety instructor. These include certifications in first aid and child & adult CPR.

After realizing that drowning is one of the leading causes of childhood death, I decided lifeguarding and teaching traditional swimming lessons was not enough. In order to empower my community with aquatic survival skills and prevent drownings, I had to learn how to teach in a whole new way. I did a lot of online research until I found Infant Aquatics! The videos alone sold me--BABIES floating, toddlers swimming across the pool! I was amazed. I decided to take the plunge; I trained with Judy Heumann and Infant Aquatics in Fall 2017. Now, I am a small business owner and my own boss. I teach children how to survive drowning risks and enjoy the water safely and confidently! I love it!

Infant Aquatics 614 is located at Westerville Community Center in Westerville, OH. I serve the Greater Columbus Area by providing top notch survival swimming lessons to children 6 months-6 years old. I believe every child deserves the chance to learn and enjoy the water safely. Build your child's confidence, invest in their safety and your peace of mind. Contact Jayne at Infant Aquatics 614 today!

Pool Location

Westerville Community Center
350 N Cleveland Ave.
Westerville, OH 43082

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