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Hello, my name is Jennifer Blank and I currently reside in Pasadena, Maryland with my sister and her husband who is an active-duty Marine. While spending 4 years working as a nanny to my niece and nephew, I discovered survival swim after hearing the tragic news of my sister's coworker who lost her 2-year-old son to drowning. The family had gone to spend Thanksgiving with the grandparents and in a split second her son had escaped outside and fallen in the pool.

At the time, my sister was pregnant with her first child and we were preparing to move to Hawaii, into a house with an in-ground pool. I knew there just had to be some way to prevent such a tragedy. So, I began researching anything I could find on drowning prevention and was lucky enough to stumble upon survival swim. I put my niece through the entire program and by the time she was one she was seamlessly doing the swim-float-swim sequence. We know firsthand how incredibly important this skill is. At her second birthday party, the adults were chatting, and she managed to quietly slip outside and enter the pool. Minutes later we heard splashing and rushed outside to find her in her perfectly positioned float. She had no idea why we were all so panicked, but we knew how lucky we had been. Thanks to this incredible skill we still had our girl, but too many parents have not been so lucky.

We have since moved back to Maryland, and my sister recently had another child. We knew it was imperative that we get him this training as well, but after looking for months, we were unable to find an instructor in our area. Knowing how critical this skill is, I set out to become an instructor with Infant Aquatics through Judy Heumann. The training was a very detailed program that incorporated child development, child behavior, child physiology, as well as, guided hands-on training of children in the pool. I was quite impressed with the program as a whole and would highly recommend this invaluable training to give children the necessary skills in the water to help to prevent tragic water accidents. As a result of my training with Infant Aquatics, I will now be able to bring critical lifesaving skills to the Chesapeake Bay area.

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