About Jennifer

Jennifer Conn is a certified Infant Aquatics Survival instructor, owner of Otter Tots Infant Aquatics LLC, and CPR/First Aid certified through the American Red Cross. Jennifer is a Texas native and lives in San Antonio,Texas.

After my husband and I put a pool in our backyard a few years ago, I knew I needed to take preventive measures to keep my nephew safe. I started looking into options and I found Infant Aquatics. After some research and watching videos of children that had completed the program, I enrolled my nephew. Watching him go through the program, I was amazed by what Infant Aquatics can do. I immediately felt inspired to become an instructor and do my part to reduce the number of childhood drownings. I am a former 3rd grade teacher with 12 years of teaching experience. Teaching and swimming have always been two passions of mine and I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to combine them to provide children with safety and confidence in the water. I am excited to be doing what I love every day and providing a much needed service to the area.


This program is recommended for children 6 months up to 6 years

Lessons are one on one and scheduled 4 times per week, 10 minutes per lesson, Monday through Thursday. Infants 6 months to 13 months (or not walking) learn a short recreational swim and then a roll back to float. This takes approximately 12 to 16 lessons. Toddlers 13 months (or walking) to 4 years will learn the entire Swim~Float~Swim sequence. This takes approximately 16 to 24 lessons or 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the age and abilities of the child. Most children finish in 6 weeks. Of course, there are always exceptions because some children take longer while others are quicker at the learning process, so it depends on the child.

The reasons for short repetitive lessons are:

  • The child is less likely to consume a lot of water.
  • The child is less likely to get chilled.
  • Infants and younger children tend to tire quickly and have a limited attention span.
  • With repetitive lessons, the retention is higher and the learning is quicker.

Please note: you are buying private lessons for your child. Instead of your child being one of many, depending on the student / teacher ratio, our lessons have ONLY your child and the teacher in the water. With our undivided attention, in just 3 to 6 weeks, your child will have a fighting chance to survive an aquatic accident, along with the fundamental skills to safely enjoy the water. No other program can come close to what we can teach your child in a matter of weeks. We encourage you to shop around, but compare the results achieved and the timeframe involved, as much as pricing.

It is an investment both from a time perspective and a financial commitment . You will see the pay-off quickly and it will last throughout your child's life. A program that focuses on SAFETY-FIRST is life-changing. Be confident your baby will have a strong foundation for a lifetime of swimming knowledge and skills.

Discover the Difference and See Results in Weeks - Not Years

Pool Location

Private, heated outdoor pool
3202 Bending Creek
San Antonio, TX 78261

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Lessons are one-on-one

  • 4 days a week Monday-Thursday
  • 10 minutes long
  • 6 consecutive weeks