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I am passionate about teaching children and educating families. My passion for helping children and their families led me down a path to open Alphabet Soup, Inc a pediatric therapy clinic where I treat children with special needs as a speech and language pathologist. Recently, I embarked on installing a small indoor therapy pool at our facility. I have considerable experience working with children who survived near drowning accidents and witnessing first-hand the long-lasting and devastating effects these events have on the children and their families.

As we fill our therapy pool with water, I wanted to offer aqua therapy to children as well as to find a way to be able to be proactive in preventing drowning events and the devastation that follows.

Being a part of the solution to offer a program that prevents infant drowning and as well as the devastating effects of surviving a near drowning accident was what brought me to research programs and find Infant Aquatics. Finding Infant Aquatics has given me the opportunity to learn how to teach infants and children to save themselves and build their confidence around the water.

We are located in the Ocean State, so teaching the skills to survive an accident in the water while also teaching children to have respect for the water are two things that are incredibly important to me. When I began my training, I couldn't believe what I was seeing, these little ones; infants, 1, 2, and 3- year-olds were floating and swimming and then floating again. Before I even finished my second week of training, I became such a strong believer in this program and the importance of the WHY we are doing it. In addition, I became keenly aware of the HOW. This training has incorporated a 100% hands-on approach, with real life-based scenarios, proven theory and science-based principles. t the end of the 6-week training it will have given me the skills I need to teach the entire Swim Float Swim program by using Infant Aquatics comprehensive methods to develop and maintain a structured Swim-Float-Swim program.

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2220 South County Trail Suite A East Greenwich, RI 02818

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