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I currently live in Temecula, California with my husband and two daughters. After high school I attended college at San Francisco State University. I majored in Political Science and Journalism. After years of working for BMW North America as an Accounting Assistant I was looking for a career that could help my community. Having family that live on an Indian Reservation, is what inspired me to bring skills of children mastering Swim, Float, Swim to this particular community. The motivation for my work is making sure I can do my part in helping ensure no more children drown, especially in an area where swimming lessons are not necessarily a normal thing most parents enroll their children in. Helping educate families about water safety and teaching children how to master the Swim, Float, Swim method would be a life changing experience for many on the reservation.

After having my first daughter 3 years ago I was introduced to Infant Swimming. Living in Southern California, swimming pools are prevalent in our backyards and after doing research into the frequency of child drownings I felt compelled to make sure my daughter had all the skills needed to survive and avoid a drowning incident. Since then my passion for the program and the survival skills it teaches young children has given me the opportunity to become an instructor with Infant Aquatics. I attended an intense 6 week instructor training certification program directed by Infant Aquatics founder Judy Heumann. So Cal Survival Swimming allows me to provide a valuable resource to my community and is part of my heartfelt mission to save lives. The amazing thing that sets Infant Aquatics apart from other programs is that it is conducive to the needs of every student. As an instructor I can work with each individual child in making sure they are provided with the ultimate tool for saving themselves in a time of need.

Choosing to become an Infant Aquatics instructor as my life long career was the best decision I ever made, it is the most challenging and rewarding thing I could have imagined.

Jessica Box-Havlusch is a certified Infant Aquatics Instructor.

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Pechanga Parkway Temecula, CA 92592

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