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JK JOK is an Infant Aquatics instructor in Hong Kong and Greater China. After graduating from McGill University in Montreal, Canada, JK moved to Hong Kong to work in his family toy business. His wife Ada Yip, became certified in 2014 and founded Infant Aquatics Hong Kong to bring important life saving skills to families with children in Hong Kong.

JK writes, “We went to Thailand on a holiday trip shortly after my 20 month old daughter completed the Infant Aquatic Survival program in the US. At the swimming pool in the resort, I observed 6- 8 year old children struggling to put their faces in the water, while my daughter amazed everyone with her ability to safely manage herself in the water and have fun.  At that moment, I knew that I wanted to learn how to teach these skills to kids some day.” After witnessing his wife provide these life saving skills to many infants and young children and the influence of her work, he made the decision to travel to the US to become an Infant Aquatic Survival instructor.

Developing water confidence and water management skills are very important and can potentially save children's lives. It is critical to equip children with the ability to survive in the water before attempting to teach stroke technique. Many parents want their child learning strokes before they are actually safe in the water. These type of classes pose risks to unskilled children.

To learn more about Infant Aquatics Hong Kong, its Infant Water Survival and Swim.Float.Swim program, please email us at info@swimfloatswim.hk or call us at [+852 9460 2006](tel:+852 9460 2006)

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