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Hi, my name is Julia and I´m from Germany. As a child I started with competition rescue swimming with the German Life Saving Association. I loved being in the water, but during high school and college I developed a passion for flying as well as teaching dance, so swimming became secondary.

In 2017 my husband’s job moved us to Texas, and shortly thereafter my first baby girl Anna was born. We had a pool in the backyard, and I knew right away – I had to find a way to make her safe! It started with a fence around the pool, but it just wasn’t enough. I googled swim lessons and saw videos showing children learning survival swimming skills. I was amazed and knew that I wanted my daughter in such a class! When I tried to enroll her in summer, I realized how fast the teachers are booked and a friend said, “Why don’t you teach them yourself?”. This thought kept me up for days, because I wanted to save lives and teach babies and children how to swim – float – swim. Also, I realized how much I missed swimming in my life. I did more research and found Judy Heumann. I knew if I was going to do this, I wanted to learn from the founder of Infant Aquatics.

In January 2021 my husband, my two daughters and I traveled all the way to Colorado. I was there to learn how to teach and my girls to learn how to swim – float – swim. It was an intense 6 week training, but I am so happy I decided to do that!

Now I don’t have to be afraid when they are near the water because they know how to be safe!

I would love to teach you baby or child how to protect themselves, survive and also to improve their swim skills after the survival class!

We just moved back to Germany and as soon as I can, I will offer classes to you and your beloved little ones as a certified Infant Aquatics Instructor! Looking forward to meeting you and saving lives as a part of the Infant Aquatics Family!

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Bentwisch and Rostock, Germany
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