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Thank you for your interest in Infant Aquatics with Julie. I am committed to providing your child with the safest aquatic survival instruction anywhere. At the end of lessons, your child will be able to successfully demonstrate the age-appropriate survival skills, including a roll from a face-down position to a face-up survival float and/or a swim-float-swim sequence. You will see results in weeks, not years!

I’m a lifelong resident of New Jersey. I grew up at the beach surfing, and swimming in the ocean and my parents' pool. Living near the water, I knew both the great joys and the dangers of the water. My husband had a non-fatal drowning without injury when he was 3 years old. He was found face down and unresponsive in a pool and needed CPR. Luckily, he survived with no long term effects. When my son Louie was born, I knew we needed something more than traditional swim lessons. I found Infant Aquatics. My son was able to swim-float-swim after just 6 weeks of lessons. It was amazing to see how quickly these skills were acquired. When I found out I was having another baby, the first thing I did was try to find an instructor in my area. I could not find an instructor and immediately knew I needed to become a certified instructor. Not just for my children but for yours, too.

I trained under Dena Blum-Rothman at Infant Aquatics CT for six weeks of in-water training and extensive academic coursework relating to children of all ages. I was amazed at how fast an unskilled swimmer could learn new aquatic survival skills from one week to the next, gaining confidence and happiness each day. I look forward to passing on life saving skills to New Jersey.

Feel free to call, message or e-mail with any questions. Thank you for considering giving your child the gift of swimming.

I am pediatric and adult CPR, AED and & First Aid certified.

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