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I live in Hayama Town, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. I am in a wonderful environment surrounded by the sea and the mountains. I couldn’t have children. I live with my husband and a dog.

I own a preschool in Japan where children go to the beach or mountains every day. It is very important to us that our children learn and think for themselves from their own experience instead of being taught in a classroom. It may take longer, but it is worth it. Children have this ability and I believe in them.

Instead of telling my children “It’s dangerous, don’t go there”, I want them to know why it can be dangerous, how to avoid the accident, and how to protect themselves. This is so important because there is so much that they can learn out there if they are allowed to try things. I want to help children so that they can explore on their feet and feel for themselves.

In the Infant Aquatics program, infants learn how to protect themselves. I am impressed that such young babies can protect themselves. I believe that this course and my preschool share a similar philosophy of self reliance, and this is something that I want to spread in Japan.

I'm preparing to make a new facility at Hayama. The facility is centered on two things. One thing that teaches the life saving skills for babies and children using the technique learned this time. The other is to teach parents the first aid law of infants to protect their children.

  • I also have instructor of emergency first response care for children. We will also make time for freeing the pool to parents and children of local infants.

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Hayama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
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