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My name is Katie Wilson. I live in Hamilton, Montana and I have been a swim instructor for nearly 10 years. Growing up at the pool as a competitive swimmer, teaching lessons seemed like a natural career path, and although I have explored teaching in other ways, I always seemed to return to swim lessons. Over the years, I have taught children as well as adults how to develop strokes. Once I started teaching parent led infant lessons, I realized how vital it is for infants and toddlers to have water safety skills.

As I was looking into potential trainings, I came across Infant Aquatics. This program stood out to me because it not only does it teach children the skills they need to provide an extra layer of protection around water; it goes a step further by instilling a sense of accomplishment in each student and a love of water through a progression into recreational swimming. I knew immediately that this was the program I needed to bring back to my community. I wanted to offer something so valuable, and to give parents and children access to such a lifechanging experience.

Throughout my Infant Aquatics training, I was privileged to witness the transformation of children who were initially helpless in the water, into skilled, calm and confident swimmers within a matter of only a few weeks! I truly believe that children and their parents leave this program with so much more than life saving skills. Children gain self esteem and independence as their skills develop, and they learn that they are able to help themselves. Parents realize that their children are capable of so much more than they had ever expected of them.

I am so excited to offer this program to our Montana communities! Let’s make Montana children water safe!

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Pool Location

Bitterroot Aquatic Center
59 Kurtz Ln
Hamilton, Montana 59840


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