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Hello, and Welcome to Survival Swim with Kim, Infant Aquatics! I am Kim O’Brine and I specialize in high quality survival lessons for children 6 months and older. I am glad to be part of the Infant Aquatics team! In just a few short weeks, your child will learn how to turn from their stomach to their back and float, and turn over again and swim. I am so glad I am able to share this excellent program with the families in Ventura County.

I am the mom to 5 wonderful, adventurous, outgoing, and unique children. I lost one of those children to a drowning accident. My beautiful daughter Kirianna was 2 ½ years old when she found her way into a swimming pool at her babysitter’s house. We took all the “normally recommended” safety precautions with Kiri. She wore water wings when she was by the water, she was always with an adult when by the water, we told her not to go by the water without a big person, and the pool at her babysitters had a good fence. Unfortunately, these precautions were not enough. Kirianna found her way into a usually locked pool area, and into the pool when no one was looking. Toddlers are the most inquisitive and determined creatures. Sometimes no matter how hard you try, or howsafe you are, they will find a way to do what they want. I wouldn’t wish this kind of hurt on any parent.

Drowning is the #1 cause of accidental death in children under the age of 5. 69% of children who drown were not supposed to be around the water at the time of their drowning. Water wings are not good for pool safety, they teach inappropriate body position and give kids a false sense of security. This is why survival swim lessons are so important. Unlike regular swim lessons that teach fun and play, we teach floating and safety skills.

If you are willing to stop at nothing to protect your child I am here to help. My compassion, understanding and care will ensure that your child receives the highest quality lesson. Contact me today to start your lessons!

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