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Thank you for visiting my page! My name is Kirsten Ceppetelli. I am the owner/instructor of Tiny Bubbles Aquatic Academy in sunny Port Saint Lucie, Florida! Here we specialize in valuable aquatic survival lessons for your child ages 6 months and up since 2006! I began my career as an Elementary school teacher with Degrees in both Child Studies and Elementary Education. When I discovered this type of swimming I was AMAZED! I just had to find a way to do it! It combined my love of children with my passion for teaching and on top of it all it would be saving lives! There have been so many stories over the past 18 seasons from parents explaining how the lessons have paid off. Whether it be a fall into a pool and a self rescue or just enjoying the water in the way they never could before! These stories touch my heart and keep my passion alive!

Our method has proven to prevent aquatic tragedies from occurring. We do this by teaching infants and young children how to surface onto their backs after a fall into a body of water. Children ages 6 months to walking ages will learn to roll to their back and rest in a comfortable float and wait for rescue. This generally takes 4 weeks of lessons. Walkers on up, can learn the swim float swim process so that they may swim safely and calmly throughout the pool. They swim and then roll onto their backs to get air and rest and continue on from there. This is generally learned in 4-6 weeks on average. We also perform clothing check outs to make sure the child can perform the same skills while fully clothed in case of an accidental fall into a body of water.

I welcome you to come see my Facebook page listed here and click on the pictures and videos so that you can better understand the sequence and skills acquired at Tiny Bubbles! I look forward to working with you!

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